2 the attorney general said that john scopes was

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Unformatted text preview: rly manner; utter in a gruff, rumbling voice, esp. angrily • 7) one hell of a jury (or a hell of a jury): no jury at all; a completely inappropriate jury (because they are too partial); this is a common phrase meaning something unusual • growl: to make a deep rough sound in the throat to show anger or give warning, a deep rough sound • The dog was angry and growled at me. • He growled (out) his disapproval. • He answered the question with a growl. • a hell of: (used for giving force to an expression) • a hell of a nasty accident • a mess • an actor • a good car • a lot of money • work • an exam • a trip • a change • The whole paragraph shows the religious bias of the trial right from the start, indicates the pro-fundamentalist atmosphere that will pervade the trial and gives readers a taste of things to come. Paragraph 12-13 • 2. After the preliminary sparring…his opening statement: • 1) preliminary: introductory or preparatory; coming before and introducing or preparing for something more important • 2) spar: (fig.) engage in argument; fight with words • 3) legalities: the requirements and procedure of the law • 4) after the preliminary sparring over legalities: after the initial arguments over legal procedures Paragraph 12-13 • • • • • 3. My friend…Darrow drawled: 1) Was the attorney general his friend? NO. “My friend” is used in a sarcastic way. 2) The attorney general said that John Scopes was brought to the court because…. …. he had broken the law. 3) drawl: speak slowly with vowels greatly lengthened 4) Darrow drawled: Darrow was speaking slowly, deliberately and dramatically. People are getting used to Bush’s Texas drawl. • 矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛 • • • • Bigotry • Bigot– bigotry--- bigoted • bigot: a person who thinks strongly and unreasonably that his own opinion and belief is correct about matters of religion, race, politics, etc. • bigotry: intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself • The report reveals racism and right-wing bigotry. • bigoted: adj a bigoted group...
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