Gone are the days when cinemas pulled crowds gone are

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Unformatted text preview: m to the subject. • Bryan was encouraged by the audience’s appreciation of his sarcasm and became more enthusiastic. • In one hand ... for the defence: • brandish: wave menacingly, as a weapon; • the use of the word brings to mind the waving of swords by inspired soldiers in religious wars • denounce: condemn as evil denounce: • He was denounced as a rascal. • The minister’s action was denounced in the newspaper. Para. 21 • thunder: • the loud explosive noise that follows a flash of lightning, any noise like this. Here means to shout loudly, to attack violently with words. • The gun thundered in the distance. • The sea thunders against the rocks. • She was thundering at the door. • • • • • • • • • thunder: shout loudly sonorous: having a pleasantly full loud sound organ: a large musical, wind instrument Expert—Did Darrow mean what he said? No. He meant the opposite. (used sarcastically ) who come hundreds of miles: What does this imply? --They are too far away from Dayton to have anything to do with it. ---subtle implication of them as outside troublemakers • • reconcile: find agreement between; make (arguments, ideas etc. ) consistent, compatible etc They can prove that the theory of man descending from monkey is compatible with the theory of man created by God. • The whole sentence is full of trickery as Bryan uses sarcasm and degradation and plays on the jury’s religious emotions to undermine the defense. Para. 22 • As he finished… shouts of “Amen”: • out-thrust: pushed out • flash: (of eyes) shine (with excitement or feeling); express in an excited way; sparkle or gleam • burst: start suddenly and with force • His impressive voice and dramatic words and gestures had the desired effect. People were carried away, greatly moved emotionally, to the point of completely inappropriate behavior in court. They applauded his speech with “Amen” (word uttered at the end of a prayer). • • • • • • • • • Gone was the fierce fervor… a prairie fi...
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