Paragraph 26 when the court adjournedwith strangers 1

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Unformatted text preview: more a politician than a defender of God. • 2) He was reminding Bryan’s followers that Bryan, their champion, was not as devoted to God as they were, and therefore not really qualified in defending God on their behalf. • 3) Although Mr. Bryan was emotional and enthusiastic, he has been devoted to God and religion less than many other people because he has channelized most of his energy to politics, not religion • He appealed… between science and religion: • 1) appeal (for): make a strong request (for help, support, mercy etc.) • 2) calling for a duel to the death: demanding that a life or death struggle be fought • 3) duel: preplanned combat with deadly weapons between two people. In Middle Ages, an insult would be sufficient cause for a duel. People dueled to defend their honor. It is used metaphorically here. • 4)What does Malone, a Catholic, also a liberal adocate by saying so? people should be allowed to think all sorts of things. Science and religion are not like fire and water They could coexist there needn’t be a deadly combat (as Bryan was waging) to prove one right and the other wrong. Para. 24 • roar: bellow; give a deep loud continuing sound, like the sound of a lion • We are not afraid of it :it --- the truth • We –the modernists, the evolutionists • (the fundamentalists are afraid of the truth, hence the trail to silence evolution theory. ) • The truth is eternal…to support it: • 1) eternal: going on for ever; it refers to what has no beginning or end • 2) immortal: living for ever; it applies to what cannot or will never die • 3) agency: (usu.sing.) the power or force which causes a re-sult; influence; means; instrumentality • 4) The truth is everlasting and unchanging, regardless of human activities. It does not need any human effort to support it. • Do you agree? Paragraph 25 • • • • When Malone finished…surpassed that for Bryan: 1) momentary: lasting for a very short time 2) hush: stillness; quiet, silence, esp. a peaceful one 3)...
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