Paragraph 31 bryan was suspiciousthe challenge 1

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Unformatted text preview: • ape: tailless monkey, esp. anthropoid • Spectators paid…be related: • 1) gaze: look steadily for a period of time • 2) ponder: spend time in considering carefully; ponder implies a weighing mentally and suggests careful consideration of a matter from all sides • 3) People had to pay in order to have a look at the ape and to consider carefully whether apes and humans could have a common ancestry. • 4) a sarcastic tone. Paragraph 27-29 • • • • • The poor brute…afraid it might be true: 1) brute: (often derog.) an animal, esp. a large one 2) poor brute: unfortunate animal 3) cower: crouch or huddle up, as from fear; shrink in fear cower (wince, shrink, flinch, shun, crouch) • What did the reporter mean by describing the ape covering its eyes? • He might suggest that the ape shrank in fear and felt ashamed. • for fear that it might share the same ancestry with those irrational human beings. • Do you agree with him? Do you think the ape really think that way? Is this piece of news partial or impartial, in your opinion? • The reporter wrote in an assumingly sympathetic way for the ape but the intention was to ridicule the foolishness of the fundamentalists. • Faced with news of all sorts we must be discerning readers to sort out the truth. • sulphurous: violently emotional; heated; fiery • Sulphur • Dispatch: a message sent to a newspaper by one of its writers • in his pants: without shirt because of the heat • run (someone) out of: (informal) force (someone) to leave (a place) • citizenry: citizens (residents of a city or town) ( 矛矛 ) • 18. yokels: (humorous or derog.) naïve, gullible, narrow-minded small town or country people; • hicks, bumpkins (cf. pumpkin), rube, mossback, clodhopper • perch: rest, stand or sit on some elevated place, usually refer-ring to birds • gawk: look at something in a foolish way Paragraph 30 • climax: high point; peak; the most interesting and important part, usu. near the end • Because of…interpreted literally: • 1) wording: the words used; diction • 2)...
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