The minister for defense pondered the problem of how

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Unformatted text preview: ly something of a victory for the evolutionists • because the very light sentence signifies the jury wasn’t outraged at his “crime”. • Also the trial brought the issues out into the open, and the publicity largely showed the scientific viewpoint in a favorable light and as reasonable. These really were the main objectives of having the trial in the first place • faded champion: • referring to Bryan whose oratorical skill, wit and force had become less impressive; a champion that had lost his glory • hail: greet; acclaim, designate • But Bryan … after the trial: • Bryan wasn’t convinced by the praise or verdict of the Southern papers. • The author suggests that the trial caused Bryan’s death—not only because it was physically exhausting, but also because he was so upset psychologically by it. • Why was he so sad? • -- sad because of the verdict • --- sad because he lost face at several points in the trial, • --- sad because he had lost much of his oratorical skill from earlier years or --- sad because a combination of all these Paragraph 46 • offered my teaching job back: invited to take my teaching job; again asked to take back my teaching job • decline: implying courtesy in expressing one’s non-acceptance of an invitation, proposal etc.; • refuse politely and is applicable to invitation to social events or to a courteous offer of help Paragraph 46 • arranged a scholarship for me: got a scholarship (a grant of money to aid a student in paying for education costs) for me • pursue the study of science: continue my study of science • overlook: have a view of (something or someone) from above Paragraph 47-8 • there are other changes, too: • changes which are not physical and not confined to the town of Dayton. • The oratorical storm … passing years: • The other change was the new openmindedness that spread throughout the country as a result of the attention the trial received. • Metaphors are used in this se...
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