The ministers action was denounced in the newspaper

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Unformatted text preview: ard • contaminated: corrupted, made impure; can be used in a moral sense, as here, or in a physical sense • Don’t eat this food: it may have been contaminated by the flies. • The river was contaminated with waste from the factory. • His morals have been contaminated by bad companions. Paragraph 17-20 • “He didn’t say a cat was the same as a man?” Darrow asked: • 1) This is more emphatic than “Did he say…?” • 2) It was said deliberately to ridicule the ignorance of the fundamentalists. • reasoning power: the ability to think, understand, and form opinions Paragraph 17-20 • 16. “There is some doubt about that”, Darrow snorted: • 1) What does “that” refer to? • “that” refers to having reasoning power • 2) snort: say in a scornful, contemptuous way as if with a snort (exhale forcibly and noisily through the nostrils, as a horse) • 3) It is doubtful whether man has reasoning power. • How do you understand this sentence? • Do you think that man has reasoning power? • Was Darrow denying human reasoning power or was he suggesting that reasoning power is absent in some people? If so, who are these people? • Who do you think are the people that Darrow was referring to? • Darrow is sarcastically referring to the fundamentalists, implying that they don’ t have reasoning power because they belive in a wordfor-word acceptance of what is said in the Bible. Para. 20 • The Christian believes that man came from above • The evolutionist believes ath he must have come from below: • Antithesis (paralell + contrast) came--a definite statement • must have come--guessing • Christians believe that God in heaven made human beings but evolutionists think human beings come from the earth / from lowly animals. • • Bryan warmed to his work: • Warm: vt. to make zealous or ardent; enliven; to fill with pleasant emotions: • e.g. We were warmed by the sight of home. • vi. to become ardent, enthusiastic, or animated: • e.g. began to war...
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