Therefore he took a rib from adams side and made eve

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Unformatted text preview: position: stand, attitude toward or opinion on a subject • 3) interpret: understand the likely meaning of (something) • 4) literal: following or representing the exact words of the original; word-for-word • 5) The law was written in such a way that the prosecution had to base its case on a literal explanation of the words in the Bible. • Now Darrow…for the defense: • 1) spring: present suddenly, unexpectedly; produce as a surprise • 2) trump card: in some card games, a certain suit is declared trump, i. e., as outranking all other suits; the winning card; an important advantage ( 矛矛矛矛矛矛 ) • 3) spring his trump card: use suddenly that which is most advantageous to his cause in order to improve his position • His reputation…throughout the world: • People all over the world admitted that he was an expert on the Bible. • 5) Hyperbole-- an exaggeration meant to ridicule Bryan and to put him in a disadvantageous position. Paragraph 31 • • • • Bryan was suspicious…the challenge: 1) suspicious (of): not trusting; showing or expressing distrust 2) wily: clever in tricks, esp. for getting something one wants; crafty; sly; 矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛 Bryan suspected that Darrow had some tricks up his sleeves, but it was impossible for him not to accept the call to fight. • campaign: undertake a series of activities to attain some political, social, business or military objective • passage: the enactment of a law by a legislature • Resolutely… to repel his enemies: • resolutely: with determination, firmness of decision • stride: walk with long steps in a vigorous manner • the stand: the witness stand • palm fan: 矛矛矛 • Bryan is like Don Quixote ( 矛矛 · 矛矛 ) in his actions, fighting windmills or tilting at windmills, • too dramatic and too pretentious to be really convincing and impressive. Paragraph 32-5 • Under Darrow’s quiet questioning… with fervent “Amens”: • quite: calm; not easily excited or disturbed • acknowledge: admit • punctuate: interrupt periodically Paragraph 32-5 • • • • defiant: showing no fear or respect defiant reply: answers that show str...
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