When i saw this i felt very sorry for bryan paragraph

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Unformatted text preview: ong resistant, standing up for his beliefs fervent: showing great warmth of feeling; intensely devoted or earnest; (Note: fervent suggests a fiery feeling of enthusiasm, devotion.) The fickle spectators, who were mainly fundamentalists, switched back to Bryan’s side, and took his words as if they were prayers, interrupting frequently with “Amen”. • “How could….” Darrow enquired: • enquire: (AmE.) inquire • Darrow first tricked Bryan into making positive assertions before showing that what he believed was not logically possible. Darrow’s intention was to show how indefensible Bryan’s position was. • snigger: sarcastic, somewhat stifled laugh • the faithful: the believers, the religious people; this shows that even Bryan’s followers were not impressed with his answers at this moment • twirl: swing or spin in a circle quickly; Darrow, twirling his spectacles shows his self-confidence. Paragraph 32-5 • The story of Eve: Adam, first man, made by God, who then decided Adam should have a companion. Therefore, he took a rib from Adam’s side and made Eve. They lived ignorant, blissful, naked, without any thought of a sexual relationship in the Garden of Eden, which was Paradise (Heaven) on earth. In the Garden was a Tree of Knowledge with apples. God told them not to eat from the Tree. Paragraph 36-40 • The Serpent (snake) representing evil, persuaded Eve to have an apple, which she ate and then persuaded Adam to eat too. God punished the snake for luring Eve into evil by condemning it and all snakes after it to crawl on their bellies. Adam and Eve were banished from paradise and condemned to live and die in sorrow and misery. livid: pale with rage, ashen, pallid • Pay attention to the changes of reactions to the new interchange • The crowd--- sniggering--- laughing • Bryan--- sweating in embarrassment--pale with rage. • 6. “Your honour ….. to cast slurs on Him …”: • your honour: form of address when speaking to a judge • slur: unfair damaging remark; any remark or action that harms or is meant to harm someone’s reputation 矛矛 • Why should he say so? • Bryan is attempting to save face, turn the tables on Darrow and win back sy...
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