Assist more formal than help having the meaning that

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Unformatted text preview: to say the least (of it) (understatement) • It was rather an unsatisfactory dinner, to say the least of it. • 矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛 • snowball: • to increase in size or significance faster and faster or uncontrollably • The company staggered under snowballing debts. • 矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛 • Support for rhis candidate snowballed. • The American Civil Liberties Union • the American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU): • citizens’ organization, the whole purpose is protection and expansion of rights and liberties as set forth in U. S. Constitution. Main function is legal. Organized in 1920. Scopes trial one of the most famous ACLU undertakings, which did much to separate church and state. Also has defended people accused of “subversive” (in US, this usually means communist) activities, has taken lead in challenging laws discriminating against blacks. Volunteer organization —i.e. lawyers volunteer ser-vices, citizens donate money; 85, 000 members. • assist: more formal than help, having the meaning that the person assisted is able to do part of the work • assist the state in prosecuting me: Since the case revolves around a state law, the state of Tennessee is the offended party; it is the state which prosecutes Scopes. Thus the trial would be called the State of Tennessee vs. John Scopes. Bryan volunteered to be the lawyer on behalf of the State. Paragraph 10 • our town… a circus atmosphere: • 1) take on: begin to have (the look of) 2) circus atmosphere: a kind of rowdy or riotous, holiday spirit • All sorts of activities were going on in the town and there was a kind of noisy holiday spirit there. (Suddenly the town was transformed into a kind of circus with many people coming to hear the trial. The town people took advantage of the sudden influx of visitors to expand their business activities.) the small town Dayton a map of Dayton festive atmosphere in Dayton Dayton scene during the trial • The buildings…with banners: • 1) the main street: small towns usually have one street where...
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