Paradox caesar cowards die many times before their

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Unformatted text preview: inal 矛矛 accomplice 矛矛 first crime 矛矛 repetition offence 矛矛 (old leg) pending case 矛矛 house arrest 矛矛 wanted 矛矛 money laundering 矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛 Fifth Amendment ( 矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛 take the Fifth (Amendment) Paula Jones affidavit 矛矛 · 矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛 ; 矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛 Paula Jones disease 矛矛 · 矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛 Steve Brill 矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛 矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛 • • • • • • The legislative branch enacts laws; the executive branch enforces them; and the judicial branch interprets them. 矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛 矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛 矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛矛 • How much do you know about the author? • What do you think of the struggles between fundamentalists and modernists? What did that show? • The struggles were in fact struggles between ignorance and wisdom, religion and science. • That showed the spread of science and truth was no easy task. While reading questions: • • • • • Para.1 a) Why was I in the court? b) Was it a cold day? c) Were there many other people there, too? d) Who were the leading counsels for both defense and the prosecution? • e) Did people talk loudly? How do you know? While reading questions: • Para.2 • a) Who came from afar to testify on my behalf? What were they? • b) Why were reporters there? • c) What did Darrow mean by whispering to me that ‘We’ll show them a few tricks.”? While reading questions: • Para.3 • a) What was developing gradually in the south? • b) What do you know about the Bible? • The Genesis? While reading questions: • Para.4 • a) What was the situation in Tennessee, then? • b) Did the engineer agree with the law prohibiting the teaching on evolution? • c) Why...
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