To cheer bryan to support bryan infidel unbelievers in

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Unformatted text preview: most of the stores are concentrated: the center of town. • 2) festoon: decorate; a festoon is a string of flowers, leaves, ribbons, etc. suspended in a curve between two points • 3) festooned with banners: decorated with banners probably strung between the lampposts • The streets… and water-melons: • 1) sprout: grow or develop quickly • 2) rickety: liable to fall or break down because weak; shaky • 3) stand: a small often outdoor shop or place for showing things • 4) sprouted with rickety stands: shaky (poorly made) stalls or booths suddenly appeared • These rickety stands, which appeared suddenly everywhere, sold hot dogs, religious books, watermelons, etc…This adds to the town’s circus atmosphere. Religious books were sold because many religious people attended this trial in which religion played a key role. • Evangelists set up tents to exhort the passersby: • 1) evangelist: any one who preaches the Christian gospel, esp. a traveling preacher • 2) exhort: urge earnestly • 3) The traveling preachers erected tents to urge to urge people passing by to believe in God. • to cheer Bryan: to support Bryan • infidel: unbelievers in religious sense, meaning godless and implying being in the hands of the devil • 4) outsiders: referring to the northern, big city lawyers, professors and scientists who would be held in suspicion as trouble-makers by narrowminded, small town southerners. • It’ s in quotes to signify that this is a false view held by such people. Butler was a 49-year-old farmer…his native county: • 1) before his election: before he was elected to the Tennessee legislature • 2) had never been out of his native county: • What does this suggest? • This suggests that his experience and vision were limited, that he was narrowminded, not worldly. Para. 11 • “I” mjust a reg’ler mountaineer jedge.” : 1)Put it in standard English. I’ m just an ordinary judge from the mountains. 2) What does the author imply by using direct...
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