-HR Candidate Evaluation Form.pdf - Candidate Evaluation Form Applicant Name Position Please use this form as a guide to evaluate the applicant\u2019s

-HR Candidate Evaluation Form.pdf - Candidate Evaluation...

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Candidate Evaluation Form Applicant Name: Position: Please use this form as a guide to evaluate the applicant’s qualifications for employment. Check the appropriate numeric value corresponding to the applicant’s level of qualification and provide appropriate comments in the space below. Rating Scale: 5. Outstanding 4. Excellent-exceeds requirements 3. Competent—acceptable proficiency 2. Below Average—Does not meet requirements 1. Unable to determine or not applicable to this candidate Rating 5 4 3 2 1 Presentation Skills : Overall assessment of candidate’s 20 min. presentation for organization and stand-up /facilitation skills. Candidate’s Understanding of the Position: Assess candidate’s knowledge of the position and its requirements. Relevant Background/Special Skill Set: Explore the candidate’s knowledge and past working experiences in training. Professional Impression: Consider self-confidence, maturity, and presence to assess the