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Brandi Sturdivant: 7570 Assignment 1 History 111 Chapter 1 1. Both the Mayan and the Aztec cultures were considered advanced cultures because they both were developed socially as well as structurally. They both had large structural buildings ranging from temples, pyramids, and apartment style buildings. Also both cultures had very large populations for the time period. 2. Hopewell Culture : They became very involved in the whole trade scene, by creating a trade network that went from present day Wisconsin to Louisiana. By having this extensive trading network it allowed them to expand their food supply. What they mainly used in trade were stones and different things they carved out of stone carvings. Their culture fell for unknown reasons in 400 A.D. . Pueblo People : This culture started around 650 A.D. and was located in what is present day New Mexico and Arizona. They were farming with irrigated fields which allowed them to grow two crops a year. They also mastered making pottery and had many large scale complex structures built from stone. Their architectural skills were very developed. The end came for them after 1150 due to over use of the soil and an extended drought. However this descendents built smaller stronger village societies. Mississippian Culture : Around 800 A.D. this culture emerged along the Mississippi River where they used Mesoamerica techniques and strands to grow their crops causing a surplus of agriculture. The people lived in small fortified temple cities which allowed them to create a deep rooted culture. Because the culture got so big they depleted the land which caused their fall, and divided the people into two groups nobles and peasants but their cultural traditions remained strong even after their fall in 1350. Eastern Woodland People : Very diverse culture many were killed in the 1540s when the European diseases entered their communities. However the survivors created smaller less powerful societies where the women farmed and the men hunted. These people lived simple lives and were not materialistic. Their cultures were lost due to the influence of the European cultures. 3. At the time of American Colonization the most important task of the European Peasants were to grow crops for their families on a small piece of land that they either owned or leased. However their ultimate goal was to own a piece of land that would allow them to be able to provide all the necessities for
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their family, but most of the time this was not accomplished. 4. The institutions that enforced the rules were the Kings and Princes, and their authority was challenged
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Assignment 1 - Brandi Sturdivant: 7570 Assignment 1 History...

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