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Components on a series of machines machine paced

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Unformatted text preview: hines Machine-paced Require mechanical or engineering changes to balance Assembly line Puts fabricated parts together at a series of w orkstations Paced by work tasks Balanced by moving tasks Both types of lines must be balanced so that the time to perform the work at each station is the same Product-Oriented Layouts Advantages 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Low variable cost per unit Low material handling costs Reduced work-in-process inventories Easier training and supervision Rapid throughput Disadvantages 1. High volume is required 2. Work stoppage at any point ties up the w hole operation 3. Lack of flexibility in product or production rates 5 4/29/2011 Designing Product Layouts • Product layouts are different than process layouts • Product layouts provide for sequential product movement that enhances efficiency • Designing product layouts requires consideration of – Sequence of tasks to be performed by each w orkstation – Logical order – Speed considerations – line balancing Designing Product Layouts – cont. Step 1: Identify tasks & immediate predecessors Step 2: Determine the desired output rate Step 3: Calculate the cycle time Step 4: Compute the theoretical minimum number of workstations Step 5: Assign tasks to workstations (balance the line) Step 6: Compute efficiency, idle time & balance delay 6 4/29/2011 Step 1: Identify Tasks & Immediate Predecessors Example 10.4 Vicki's Pizzeria and the Precedence Diagram Immediate Task Time Work Element Task Description Predecessor (seconds A B C D E F G H I Roll dough Place on cardboard backing Sprinkle cheese Spread Sauce Add pepperoni Add sausage Add mushrooms Shrinkwrap pizza Pack in box None A B C D D D E,F,G H Total task time 50 5 25 15 12 10 15 18 15 165 Layout Calculations • Step 2: Determine output rate – Vicki needs to produce 60 p izzas per hour • Step 3: Determine cycle time – The amount of time each workstation is allowed to complete its tasks Cycle time (sec./unit) available time sec./day 60 min/hr x 6...
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