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Jonathan Zatz ENG 300B American History X Discussion Questions 1. The first shot that was in black and white at the beginning of the movie can be seen as a metaphor for Derek and Danny’s mindset. Quite literally, they see the world and everything in it as a black versus white issue. According to them there are no grey areas when dealing with race. However, at the end of the movie the characters have gone through a progressive transformation of their thoughts and views. The end shot is in color rather than black and white in order to signify Derek and Danny’s transformation. 2. The concept of foresight plays a big part in both of these movies. It is very hard for oneself to see the big picture while they are living in the moment.
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Unformatted text preview: For the two characters that speak to the audience after they are dead, it took their death for them to make certain realizations about life. By reflecting back upon their lives after they are dead they are able to offer advice and insight that was previously unattainable or unforeseeable. 3. I feel that young white males were preyed upon were at a very confusing time in their life. They were all mostly young and assumably in their teens; at this age boys have a lot of confusion about the world and need direction. In the film it just so happened that a racist leader (Cameron) gave them their direction instead of a school teacher, their parents, or other role model....
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