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anthro notes quiz1 - PLAGUES AND WAR Recent pandemics o...

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3/22/07 PLAGUES AND WAR Recent pandemics o 1957, 1968 o Swine flu (1976) o Out break at Ft Dix leads to national influenza immunization program o Ineffective vaccine o Legionnaire’s disease (8/2/76) o Government absorbs liability BIOLOGICAL WARFARE Historical uses of microbial warfare Deliberate poisoning of food and water with infectious material Use of microorganisms or toxins in some form of weapon system Use of biologically inoculated fabrics 20 th Century o Oregon-salmonella (1984) o Iraq-gulf war o Australia and Rabbits (myxomatosis)-tried to kill off the rabbits o World War II Stalingrad-tularemia Japan-military unit 731-developing biological weapons o British work on Anthrax o US began work in 1942 Biological Agents with possible microbial warfare applications o Bacterial Anthrax Plague Tularemia Typhus o Viral Smallpox Hemorrhagic fevers Encephalitis o Others Fungal Disease Biological toxins What a bargain o In 1969 estimated cost to produce 50% casualties per square km Conventional weapons 2000 Nuclear armaments 800
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Chemical agents 600 Biological agents 1 ANTHRAX Anthrax traits o Bacillus anthracis o Prolonged sit and wait capabilities o Skin contact (10-20% mortality or inhalation (near 100% mortality) o Malignant pustules on skin; secretes toxins in lungs o Antibiotics must be taken within 24 hours of exposure Why are microbes a poor weapon? o Microbes evolve o They are unpredictable often unstable and mutate o They are dangerous to produce(soviet union and anthrax) o They affect everyone when disseminated, civilians and soldiers International Agreements Geneva Protocol of 1925 (League of Nations) The biological and toxin weapons convention 3/27/07 PLGUES AND ART Viewing Disease Visual Art o Useful for assessing presence of various diseases o Important for attitudes and reactions Metaphor or allegory o How is disease used to symbolize a society’s values Social Construction of Disease o Cultural connotations of disease, morality and ethics o Formation of cultural stereotypes Cultural stereotypes What is relationship between talent and affliction? A history of suffering for their art….
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anthro notes quiz1 - PLAGUES AND WAR Recent pandemics o...

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