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Study Notes 11 - Pay Equity Act

Key features of ontarios pay equity act 1 the purpose

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Unformatted text preview: sector and all provincially regulated private sector employers with 10+ employees are covered by Ontario’s Pay Equity Act. • Employers with 100+ employees are required to prepare and implement a plan for correcting unequal wages. • Employers with 10 to 99 employees are not required to prepare a pay equity plan but are required to achieve pay equity within a specified time. • New employers must be able to show that they have met the requirements of pay equity by setting wages according to a gender- neutral job evaluation system, rather than looking to the external labour market. Key Features of Ontario’s Pay Equity Act 1. The purpose of the Pay Equity Act, is to “redress systematic gender discrimination in compensation” for work that is predominantly performed by women. 2. The Pay Equity Act requires employers to evaluate a...
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