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Research Project - Shane Riley Recitation Tuesday 11 a.m 3...

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Unformatted text preview: Shane Riley Recitation: Tuesday, 11 a.m. 3. Total amount of budget for project: $24,960 4. Starting and ending dates of project : June 1, 2008- September 1, 2008 5. Geographic location of project: Catalhoyuk, Turkey 6. Three key words to describe project: Catalhoyuk society, female figurines, and gender roles 7. Title of Project: The Impact of Female Figurines on the Society of Neolithic Catalhoyuk 8. Abstract: This project will further examine the importance and the impact of female figurines found in and around the site of Catalhoyuk, Turkey. Specifically, through this study I hope to gain a better and more detailed description of the role of females throughout the occupation of this site by not only focusing on the figurines themselves, but also where they are found and why they would have been put there in the first place. I hope to gain insight into the unanswered questions of whether or not this society at Catalhoyuk valued women at an equal or higher standard than men, and whether or not these multiple female figurines found have any correlation with that value. I hope to find out whether the female deity was so important because females themselves were so important, or if the deity was a goddess, and female members of society were no more powerful or worshiped than any other member of society. Further analysis of murals and shines of this site will help to gain insight into the role of the goddess in society. Also, the analysis of female burials and bones may show a difference between those of men, and furthermore may prove whether or not female influence on society was lesser or greater than that of men. Physically, this study will utilize bone analysis technology as well as archaeological techniques associated with the charting and mapping of figurines found throughout the site of Catalhoyuk. This charting and mapping may help to show a link between these figurines and society, and perhaps their effect on the roles of women. Completion of this study will hopefully lead to greater insight into the role of females and female deities in this early period of human history. Proposal Questions: Question 1: Located in modern day Turkey, the Neolithic site of Catalhoyuk gives a deep insight into the world at the dawn of society. The site was occupied for about 1000 years, starting around 7250 BC, and was a settlement of nearly 10,000 inhabitants (Price and Feinman 2008, 225). The site is made up of small to medium sized dwellings built in a seemingly interconnected pattern. There are sixteen layers of occupation at this site, accumulating to a mound that is almost twenty meters high (Hodder 2002, 175). Catalhoyuk proves to be one of the world’s most interesting archaeological sites due to this vast and well-preserved period of occupation at such an early time in human history....
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Research Project - Shane Riley Recitation Tuesday 11 a.m 3...

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