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Français 111 Contrôle 2 - Study Guide 1. Use adjectives to describe the characters from the movie. Also, remember what each character does. Yasmine Rachid Isabelle Camille Hélène Bruno Gall 2. Adjectives. The spelling, the feminine form + masculine plural + feminine plural (pp. 47-48) Adjectives should agree with nouns which they describe. difficile fatigué amusant heureux américain facile joli* grand* malheureux canadien formidable vrai* intéressant ennuyeux parisien jeune fâché laid bon* magnifique cher* mauvais* inquiet ridicule intellectuel petit* gentil sympathique prêt actif triste français beau sportif super patient nouveau autre (=other)* intelligent vieux dynamique Rule # 1 : It is important to remember that the adjectives usually follow the noun, except for a few adjectives which precede the noun (and they are marked with a *) ( p. 56 ) If you have 2 or more adjectives: use Rule #1 to place them either before or after the noun. If you have two adjectives that should go before the noun, just write both of them before the noun.
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