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Communications and Information Thursday September 27, 2007 Television Development Knoxville 5 th largest tv production city in America. Ideas to developing them, presenting to networks. He is in the “rejection” business. 2001- 1 series, 86 concepts. So far, 50 concepts, no sales. Ideas from 3 sources: Internal, Networks specific needs, External. Development is a gradual process. Then the Treatment is make, explains show. Finally you present the show. Research Find out what is new that the networks have not come up with yet. How to get an idea, you subscribe to publications, watch tv, and new programs that come on. Development An idea is the beginning.
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Unformatted text preview: Find a dominant element, to make a show for another network, compare it to something on another show. Treatment Hand out that you leave with an executive, your pitch. Must do some things. Summarize show in a sentence or two. Specify the genre, grab them from beginning, describe tone, and format. Must be detailed! The Pitch Most people do a bad job of it. Meet with 1-3 network executives. Generally 30 min, pitch is usually 5-10 min. Executives want the next big thing, but they are afraid of the result and ratings of the show. Can they trust you? They look for a High Concept Idea....
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