Communication is established via a wire however you

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Unformatted text preview: nfrared remote control, microwave or satellite links. Ex. A wire connecting printer to computer and/or your TV remote control device that uses infrared remote control to link to your TV. Multipoint (Multidrop): more than two specific devices share a single link. Ex. A mainframe computer connected to several work stations. Types of Connections (continued) Physical topology: the physical layout of a network how the connections connect. Voice and Data networks use Star and Mesh topologies. Star Topology - Users are connected to a central point and voice and data is routed thought this point Mesh Topology users connect via a cable to each device within the network. Bus: one long cable that acts as a backbone to link all the devices in a network. Data Transport Networks WAN - Wide Area Network Packet switching network - Frame Rely Networks, The Internet Public Packet Switching Networks Service providers own and operate network. LAN Local Area Network a data communications network that is privately owned. E...
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