Does an address tell us the route to be taken or does

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Unformatted text preview: scribe the final destination of the data. Timing When the data should be sent How fast it can be sent Standards "are essential in creating and maintaining an open and competitive market for equipment manufacturers and in guaranteeing national and international interoperability of data and telecommunications technology and processes." (Data Communications and Networks, Forouzan 2004, pg19) X.25 Standard describes the functions necessary for communication with packet switching networks. Client/Server Computing Model/Architecture Users or clients wired to the network have access to programs on any server within the network. Allows companies to choose software applications and hardware with enough computational power to meet their needs. Generally, the client has the user interface on their desktop and the database management is handled by the server. Types of Network Connections Point-to-point: dedicated link between two devices. Communication is established via a wire, however, you can use i...
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