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Lan local area network a data communications network

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Unformatted text preview: thernet Wide Area Wireless Networks wireless radio communications to a LAN beepers, pagers. Cellular networks divides areas into cells to send data Satellite Networks combination of satellites that provide point-to-point communication Proprietary Communications Architectures Systems Network Architecture (SNA) A SNA networks: each user on the network has access to programs on servers within the network. SNA architecture allows users to connect to many different devices with different capabilities. SNA architecture are expandable and can be linked to other SNA networks. SNA has sophisticated network-management functions. Wide Area Network Packet switching network Wide Area Networks span large geographical distances. Hierarchy International Service Providers connect nations National Service Providers Backbone network created and maintained by companies like MCI and SprintLink Regional Internet Service Providers connect to one or more National Service Providers Local Internet Service Provider connect and provide service to the end user. Optonline, AOL, Netzero Packet Switching Networks Main function send and deliver data over long distances....
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