Optonline aol netzero packet switching networks main

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Unformatted text preview: Based on the X.25 protocol. X.25 protocol provides standards for connecting to packet switching networks and functions at the lower levels of the OSI model (Physical Level, Frame Level and Packet Level). X.25 also provides for error checking and retransmission procedures of packets as they pass through the network. Data is divided into packets. Virtual circuit there is no continuous connection. Data is routed to it's destination upon demand. Each packet can take a different route as it travels through the network. Packets may or may not arrive at the same time. Once all the packets arrive they are resembled. If there is no data then the system remains inactive and no resources are used. Frame Relay Network Main function send and deliver data over vast distances. Wide Area network (WAN) Operates at the first two levels of the OSI model (physical and data Link layers) Virtual Circuits Network has the appearance of a permanent connection. Network recourses are used only when data is being transmitted. Frame relay networks have error detection only in the data...
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