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Lecture 2 - Lecture 2 Why start with the Creeks if we know...

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Lecture 2 01/31/2008 Why start with the Creeks if we know that other peoples lived in that area before them? Minoans and Mycenaeans – not much is known about them. Lack of continuous history. Minoans were situated on Crete and were predominantly a matriarchal society. They dominated the sea before the Greeks. Catastrophe on the island of Thera: a volcano erupted in 1628 BC. This affected most of the world and wiped out most of the surrounding shores, including Crete’s navy. The myth of Europa , the mother of Minoa. She is considered to be Phoenician and according to Greek legend she was stolen by Zeus disguised as a bull and was flown across the Mediterranean to Crete => A movement from the East to the West . The motif of stealing of women is very important in Greek mythology, as well as violence in general. Ancient Greek History I Dark Ages (c.1100-776 B.C.) II Archaic Age (776-480 B.C.) – First Olympiad happened in 776. The polis (city-states) began to grow.
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