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Lecture 8 - Lecture 8 Motif of disguises and masks Athena...

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Lecture 8 02/26/08 Motif of disguises and masks Athena most often shows up in disguise The Iliad doesn’t have this motif Irrationality of the gods (e.g. episode with wrath of Poseidon) – one of the reasons Odysseus has to resort to masks Culture of Hospitality Book 6 “Now, by my life, mankind again! But who? Savages, are they, strangers to courtesy? Or gentle fold, who know and fear the gods?” p.123 “But now that you have taken refuge here you shall not lack for clothing, or any other comfort due to a poor man in distress.” Odysseus’s identity remains hidden; he doesn’t reveal himself - (disguise, masks) Idyllic setting Odysseus depends on other people’s hospitality Gift giving – the act of giving is important, not the gift itself (the episode with exchanging a big gift that would sink his boat). The amount of the gifts the Phoenicians gave him surpasses the amount of goods he got in Troy.
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