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Unformatted text preview: Ch. 3- Project- a series of related jobs usually directed toward some major output and requiring a significant period of time to perform. Project management- planning, directing, and controlling resources (people, equipment, material) to meet the technical, cost, and time constraints of the project. Pure project- (skunk works) where a self-contained team works full time on the project. Adv- project manager has full authority over the project. Team pride, motivation, and commitment are high. Disadv- Duplication of resources. Equipment and people are not shared across projects. The organization falls behind in its knowledge of new technology due to weakened functional division. Functional project- housing the project within a functional division (R&D, Engineering, Manufacturing). Adv- a team member can work on several projects. Technical expertise is maintained within the functional area even if individuals leave the project or organization. Disadv- Motivation of team members is often weak. Needs of the client are secondary and are responded to slowly. Matrix project- blends properties of functional and pure project structures. Each project utilizes people from different functional areas. Adv- communication between functional divisions is enhanced. Team members have a functional “home” after project completion, so they are less worried about life-after-project than if they were a pure project organization. Disadv- there are 2 bosses. Often the functional manager will be listened to before the project manager. It is doomed to failure unless the PM has strong negotiating skills. Work breakdown structure- (WBS)- Project, Task, Subtasks, Work Package (assignment). Completion of 1 or more WP’s equals a completion of a subtask. Completion of 1 or more subtasks equal completion of a task. Task- subdivision of a project. Usually no longer than several months in duration. Subtask- to further subdivide a the project into more meaningful pieces if needed. Work packages- a group of activities combined to be assignable to a single organizational unit. Project milestones- completion of those events. Typically designs, the production of a prototype and so on. Activities- are defined within the context of the work breakdown structure and are pieces of work that consume time. Gantt chartwithin the context of the work breakdown structure and are pieces of work that consume time....
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