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Poetry journal #1

Poetry journal #1 - incredible and really had an impact on...

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Allie Oliver Period 5 2/8/07 Journal Assignment: Poetry One of the most significantly interesting things that I learned about poetry just this week was how important structure is to a poem. I had never considered that not only what words were used, but also their place on the page was integral in getting the most out of the poem. For example, if a poet writes in a solid block or column shape for most of the lines and then writes something in the middle of the page, it stands out not just in an interesting line, but an important point that the author is trying to make. This point was really consolidated for me when we read the “The Convergence of the Twain” by Thomas Hardy in class. This poem about the sinking of the Titanic was
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Unformatted text preview: incredible and really had an impact on me, especially when it was pointed out that the stanzas actually look like a boat. The simple formation of the words on a page can radically change the tone of a poem and/or enhance the point and influence that the poem has on the reader. Though this may have been obvious to some, I have just discovered a whole new level, a whole new way to read poetry that has more to do with not only reading and processing the words but analyzing the physical structure of the poem, why the author chose to make the structural decisions that he/she did....
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