Literature - Allie Oliver Intro to Literature Snowman and...

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Allie Oliver 11/19/07 Intro to Literature Snowman and the Crakers; the Relationship When the apocalypse comes to fruition in Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood, the main protagonist, Jimmy turns into “Snowman,” the person who must take care of a genetic experiment of considerable proportions. Snowman was the optimal person to take care of the Children of Crake as evidenced by his character traits throughout his life, his decency towards the Crakers, as well as the reasons why Crake himself would be a poor caretaker. Jimmy’s childhood traits of his love for animals, his desire to please, his distaste for certain things Crake enjoyed, as well as his protectiveness made him the best caretaker for the Crakers. Jimmy’s love for animals is one of the childhood traits that makes him the best caretaker of the Crakers. One example of this trait is when “At the bonfire Jimmy was anxious about the animals, because they were being burned and surely they would hurt them …The heads made a difference: he thought he could see the animals looking at him reproachfully out of their burning eyes. In some way all of this - the bonfire, the charred smell, but most of all, the lit-up, suffering animals - was his fault, because he’d done nothing to rescue them” (18). This shows that even though Jimmy technically has no responsibility to the dead animals, he feels accountable, just like when the Crakers are left in his possession. Snowman could have just left them in there and gone out and taken care of himself, saved the resources, and avoided all the trouble that comes along with creating a whole new life for people. Another example of how his animal love applies to Snowman being a good influence for the Crakers is when on page 108, he felt like “complete shit” after driving away old pet dogs with stones because he couldn’t take care of them. This
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relates to Snowman’s feeling of needing to protect/care for animals, just like he feels the need to protect/care for the Children of Crake. Jimmy’s need to please others is also an example of a trait that made him the Snowman
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Literature - Allie Oliver Intro to Literature Snowman and...

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