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Comparing Quantities With Uncertainty Notes

That friction is zero you wi l l of t en b e asked to

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Unformatted text preview: s of sy st emat i c er r or that wer e pr ev i ousl y invi si bl e! that friction is zero). You wi l l of t en b e asked to det er mi ne what t he domi nant sour ce of er r or is in a par t i cul ar exp er i ment. In gener al , thi s isTo reiterate:pr obl em as t her e is no genexperiment when the experimenter sy st emat i c er r or . • a subt l e systematic error comes into an er al met hod for det er mi ni ng However , one imp or t ant cl ue can b e used when compar i ng measur ement s wi t h each ot her , or wi t h neglects some important ing th in the analysis theor y: if the measured quant it y incl udphysicse uncer t aint y cal cul at ed fr om random sources of er ror does not over l ap•Init h anmeasurements, ed value ( eit her calculate uncertainties r iment or theor y) then you w quick ot her expect we may not always from anot her expefor the quantities can assume that the syst emat ic er r or in the exper iment dominat es the exper iment al er r or . T hi s is w measure esp eci al l y t r ue whenecompar i ng agai nst theor et i cal l y cal cul ated val ues, as t he theor y al most al ways assumes some si mpl i fi cat i ons in or der to make t he cal cul ati on reasonabl e (f or exampl e, negl ect i ng • these the wei ght of a stIni ng orcases, thei ng thatcan istate n that two). To rei t erat e: someemat i c er r or comes into r assum best we fr ct i o is is zer o values disagree by syst amount an ex p er i ment when the exp er i ment er negl ect s somaepercent of the value iofsthe quantity al ysi s. imp or t ant phys c in t he an •This disagreement is usually presented as In qui ck measur ements, we...
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