Soil write up #1

Soil write up #1 - Allie Oliver APES Soil Write-up #1...

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Allie Oliver APES Soil Write-up #1 Having a green thumb, in the literal sense of the world is impossible. Plants need a lot more than just a thumb to help them grow. Nitrogen, for one, is extremely important for the growth in plants. It promotes the most basic leaf and stem growth. It is an important part of plant DNA and thus is essential for growth and reproduction. However, low levels of nitrogen can also result in slow growth and sometimes, stunted growth. On the other hand, plants that have too much nitrogen will end up weak and spindly. Phosphorus is another thing needed for plants to grow successfully. It is needed for the conversion of solar energy to ATP during photosynthesis. If there is a phosphorus depletion, photosynthesis may not be successfully completed thus stopping the plant’s energy intake. Since potassium regulates the stoma, potassium reduces water loss from the leaves and increases drought tolerance. Potassium deficiency thus can cause necrosis, or the death of certain cells in the stoma of the plant. Ph shows the alkalinity or acidity of
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Soil write up #1 - Allie Oliver APES Soil Write-up #1...

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