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Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 - same actress plays both Linda(Millie’s...

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Allie Oliver 11/02/07 Intro to Literature Microtheme Fahrenheit 451 Though they share the same name, Fahrenheit 451 the book differentiates greatly from its counterpart in film. One major deviation from the book is that the society in the novel was not against books and reading, they had technical manuals; they were against literature and unauthorized reading material, unlike in the movie. Even the opening credits of the movie are spoken, not written. There is nothing to read throughout the film except for pages of books people are illegally reading and book covers while they are being burned. Even the newspaper Montag picks up is all pictures resembling comics. The first and final time one gets to read a movie title is when the film ends with "The End", signifying a new beginning. This is used in place of the war that is taking place throughout the whole novel that is barely mentioned in the movie. In fact, the city in the end of the novel is destroyed by an atomic bomb. In the movie, the
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Unformatted text preview: same actress plays both Linda (Millie’s name in the film) and Clarisse. I believe this was the director’s way of portraying Bradbury’s idea that the women are similar, both in looks and in the way that they cannot continue as they are in society. Though Clarisse dies in the novel, “movie” Clarisse survives and succeeds in continuing her work as a teacher through Montag. Instead of Montag wandering on his own to find his way out, she guides him to the book people hiding in the woods outside the city. In the book, there is a mechanical hound at the fire station that can be programmed to track down an individual and inject them with procaine. There is also no mention in the movie of Professor Faber who is a central character in the novel. His main role of teacher in the story line is covered in the movie by Clarisse....
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