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oryx and crake - one trait; they share a need for...

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Allie Oliver 10/31/07 Intro to Literature Oryx and Crake In Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood, the protagonist, Snowman has a few specific character traits that appear throughout the first four chapters of the novel. One such trait is his radical mood swings between optimism and pessimism such as found on page 41 where he considers writing about his experiences and then shuts himself down with the thought that no one else is left, at least no one else who can read. Shortly after, he sees a caterpillar and experiences “an inexplicable surge of tenderness and joy” (41) quickly is overcome by hopelessness once more. Another trait is his dogmatism in separating himself from his childhood, as represented on page 68 when he wishes to forget about his mother and the disappointment he associates with her. Jimmy on the other hand, is not so different from Snowman in
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Unformatted text preview: one trait; they share a need for attention. Snowman constantly screams and involves himself in the lives of the Crakers in order to feel less lonely, more needed. Jimmy would caper around the room like a monkey and pretend to be sick in order to get attention, a reaction, anything out of his mother (31). Jimmy also had typical rebellious traits, like when his mother suggests the name bandit for his rakunk, though it is the name he was about to use, he purposely chooses Killer as the alternative (50). He also shows himself to be incredibly angry and disturbed when even after his mother leaves, devastating him, he makes up a skit using his hands making fun of his parents and describes her departing present of new clothes as sucky, and nothing more....
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oryx and crake - one trait; they share a need for...

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