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Disrupt their plan confuse them and lie physical

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Unformatted text preview: plan, confuse them, and lie. Physical resistance Use as a last resort. Accuracy and swiftness are the most important. Your goal is to stun your attacker so that you may RUN away. Vulnerable areas include: eyes, nose, shin, insteps, foot, groin, throat, hair, knees Be aware. If something doesn t fell right then chances are it isn t . Don t ignore strange or suspicious behavior by others. Do not be passive and l et things pass by you. Become aware of the situation and distinguishing marks or behavior. Do this in case you need t o identify the person later on. Avoidance (R.A.D) Far too many situations that lead to physical violence can be prevented. In your home: Always leave a light on, even when you are not at home. Use motion sensor lights in and around the house. Always lock your doors and windows and use dead bolts. Make sure that phones are accessible in an emergency. Be sure that at least one of your phones is NOT cordless. In the event of a power outage, most cordless phones are not usable. Consider an alarm system that is connected to local authorities. Put 911 on speed dial. Do not leave your front door open when carrying in groceries. Someone may follow you in. If you live alon...
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