If you live alone consider getting a dog or simply

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Unformatted text preview: e, consider getting a dog. Or simply put up a beware of dog sign, even if you do not hav e one. Do not advertise that you live alone. (Mailboxes, phone books etc.) Plan escape routes as necessary. Always ask for ID if someone comes to your home. Trim bushes around your home. Have an automatic garage door opener. Install peepholes in front door and security locks on all windows. In your office: Do not leave important/valuable information in plain sight. Lock desk and cabinets each night. Do not bring valuables to the office. Do not work to the car alone in the dark. Call for an escort. When working late at night, be sure someone knows where you are and when you are expected home. Do not loan out your badge. If something looks suspicious, report it. You are better safe than sorry. Your children and grandchildren: Make sure your children/grandchildren know safe places. Have a code word that only your children know. Use this in emergencies only. Do not let your children wear personalized jewelry that can be easily seen. An attacker can use this to help gain your child s confidence by using their name. Never let your children go anywhere alone. Screen your children s mail and email. Around/in your c...
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