Self Defense Handout

Keep your wallet in your front pocket keep your purse

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Unformatted text preview: t in your front pocket. Keep your purse close to you. Put outdoor lights on timers so that no one can tell that you are not at home. Know how to contact the local authorities if needed, especially if you are in a foreign country. Other thoughts If you ever think you are being followed go to the closest public place and go there quickly. ATM s are thief magnets. Go to well lit machines and well used machines where there are other patrons around . Always walk against traffic. It keeps cars from sneaking up on you. Be aware of parked cars, especially vans with sliding type doors. Avoid dark deserted areas. Do not get into an elevator with a stranger. If taking the stairs, be sure that the doors open from the inside. Know where the closest hospital and police station are located. A lot of people know these options, but few practice them regularly. If you know the above safety habits, but never practice them, what good does it do? Don t be caught with your guard down. Defend (R.A.D) IF YOU NEED TO DEFEND YOUSELF~ BE SURE TO MAXIMIZE YOUR ADVANTAGE!! Stay calm. This will help you to think more clearly and recognize ways to get out. Act quickly- your best chance of getting away is at the locat ion where you are first attacked. When you get way,...
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