Self Defense Handout

When you get way run and run fast don t look back don

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Unformatted text preview: RUN AND RUN FAST!!! Don t look back, don t stay and fight. Put things between you and the attacker. o Garbage cans o Doors they may give up or you may run into o Light poles others to help you. o Trees o Throw things in the attackers path Anything you can do to slow o Run around cars your attacker down will benefit o o KEEP MOVING~ if they can t catch you SECONDS COUNT you. Scream and Scream LOUD. Attract as much attention as you possibly can. Use whatever weapons you have available to you. o A purse o A brush o keys o A pen o A comb o A backpack o Only use weapons that you are trained or licensed to use (mace, firearm, knife, etc) o Physically, your BEST weapons are your hands and feet. They are the only ones that cannot be taken from you! o Mentally, you best weapon is your head. Stay calm and play it smart. Being able to think clearly in an attack and understand what is happening will give you the best advantage Understand that you may get hurt. Bruises and scrapes heal, bu t DEATH is permanent....
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