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Soil Write up #2 - infiltration rating I would say that a...

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Allie Oliver APES Write-up #2 The two soils that I compared were actually pretty similar, but not in a good way. I would rate my soil as, on a scale from one to ten, a three. I would give the other soil a 3.5. My soil would not be good for plants because it has a deficient nitrogen level of one, a depleted level of phosphorous of zero, and a CEC of 36%. On the other hand is had a sufficient amount of potassium, level three, and it had a pretty neutral, though slightly acidic pH. It was also very absorbent soil. Plants in the commercial soil might fare a small bit better due to it’s higher levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and more even
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Unformatted text preview: infiltration rating. I would say that a fertilizer that is rich in nutrients should definitely be added to my soil because otherwise, my plants are not going to progress well. The bad thing about fertilizers is that though they may enrich your soil and help provide healthier plants, over-application of chemical fertilizers can lead to surface runoff or leaching into groundwater. Another possible effect is the eventual appearance of algal blooms, which can lead to excessive mortality rates for fish and other aquatic organisms ending in the death of the body of water called eutrophication....
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