Test3-215 - Erinn Bernstein PHI 215 test 1) The problem of...

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Erinn Bernstein PHI 215 test 1) The problem of justifying induction (is / is not ) something over and above the problem of describing or defining valid induction. 2) It ( is / is not) possible to have valid predictions. 3) Under the Old Theory of Induction, predictions of scientific (necessity / contingency) are based on (habit / knowledge). Necessity… habit 4) Prediction (can / cannot ) be logically inferred from what has been previously experienced. 5) (Copi, Cohen / Goodman) claims that induction (can / cannot) have valid inductions. Copi, Cohen… cannot Coodman… can 6) If an inductive method ruled the Herman Miller Charles and Ray Eames DCM chair of 1946 (as / as not) a chair, then that inductive method (should / should not) be adopted. As not… should not 7) The problem of (deduction / induction) is to define the relation that obtains between any propositions p and q if and only if p may be said to (imply / confirm / deny) q in any way. Deduction… imply Induction… confirm 8) Whatever confirms a given proposition (does / does not) confirm whatever follows from that proposition. 9) A hypothesis is confirmed by (logical inference / particular instances) within a universe of discourse (scope). 10) The paradox of the ravens states that ( all / no ) ravens are black. 11) Extrapolating to a universal proposition from particular instances (is / can be) (a hasty generalization / induction). is… induction can be… hasty generalization 12) Scientific hypotheses depend more heavily on (syntactical form / features of the hypothesis ). 13) (Green / Grue) is a (property / predicate).
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Green… predicate Green… property Grue… predicate 14) Lawlikeness is dependent on ( a property / the space or time) of entities. 15) Not-square is a (property /
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Test3-215 - Erinn Bernstein PHI 215 test 1) The problem of...

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