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Unformatted text preview: at active listening, probing and understanding what people mean • Must also be non-defensive/open minded!! 6 Marketing Research 17 Example: Sputnik 18 6 Marketing Research Surveys Great for: • Sizing market segments • Assessing discrete issues • Monitoring changes over time, such as satisfaction Can usually get statistical significance Very low cost per customer touch 19 6 Marketing Research Surveys Challenges: • Questions direct answers • Questionaire must be very well constructed to avoid leading respondent • You can only find out what you ask; “You can’t know what you don’t know.” • Questions and data collected also shape the analysis... 20 © 2008, Gary F. Gebhardt, Ph.D. 8 Marketing Research Survey Example 21 6 Marketing Research Internet Surveys/Research Much easier to conduct small, focused research • No “piggybacking” as much as possible onto one survey Fast response and ability to alter survey based on incremental responses • If you know something isn’t working, you can change it for future responses - although not comparable Deployment is relatively cheap and data automatically entered!! 6 Marketing Research 22 Internet Surveys/Research Challenges: Who are the people responding? • It’s harder to ensure a representative sample • Similar issues to focus groups: Psychographic bias Managers are FAR too sloppy about construction • Ease of implementation give false sense of how easy it is to write good survey! • GIGO - Garbage In, Garbage Out! 23 6 Marketing Research Conjoint Analysis 24 © 2008, Gary F. Gebhardt, Ph.D. 6 Marketing Research Conjoint Analysis 25 6 Marketing Research Online Brand Research Dear Reader: You have been recruited to take a survey that will help us provide better value to our advertisers while at the same time maintaining overall quality for readers like you. By participating in this survey, conducted by respected third-party researchers Dynamic Logic, you will help us maintain our commitment to providing valuable content to the online community. TrustE Member This survey is for RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY -- we are not selling anything , your personal information is secured and your answers BBBOnline Member will be grouped anonymously. Click the "Yes, I'll take the Survey" button at right to begin -- you will not be recruited for this survey again after that. If you opt not to participate, click the "No Thanks, Take Me to My Destination" bu...
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