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Unformatted text preview: arity New Concepts 8 © 2008, Gary F. Gebhardt, Ph.D. 6 Marketing Research Market Research Process Locating and defining issues or problems Designing the research project Collecting data Interpreting research findings DECIDE/DO SOMETHING!! Reporting research findings 6 Marketing Research 9 Decision Support Systems An interactive, flexible computerized information system that enables managers to obtain and manipulate information as they are making decisions • Interactive • Flexible • Discovery-Oriented • Accessible DSS should be like a Market Navigational Dashboard, telling where you are, where you’re going and where you could go. 6 Marketing Research 10 Types of Data Primary: Organization funded and directed • Depth interviews • Focus groups • Surveys • Scanner, purchasing, clickstreams Secondary: Previously collected for general purpose • Off the shelf reports • Government data • Literature reviews • Information brokers 6 Marketing Research 11 Focus Groups Great for Exploratory and Confirmatory Research Quick and “easy” way to get lots of qualitative information quickly Allows others to be present – “Behind the glass” Exchange of ideas among members can be helpful 12 © 2008, Gary F. Gebhardt, Ph.D. Focus Groups 6 Marketing Research Limitations Dominant people can hijack the focus group Mix of people may be misrepresentative • Who goes to these things anyway? Best moderator is good facilitator AND market-aware People out of their element/context • When was the last time you got paid $50 to eat turkey sandwiches and talk with strangers? 6 Marketing Research 13 Example: Employee Benefits 14 6 Marketing Research Fieldwork/Depth Interviews Advantages: People are in context • Have cues ready for stimulation • Researcher can ask about things unmentioned Rich one-on-one conversations • Permits more introverted participants to share • Avoids groupthink issues with focus groups Great for deep, thorough understanding of market participants 6 Marketing Research 15 Fieldwork/Depth Interviews Examples: • Alberto-Culver hanging out in bathrooms… • Harley-Davidson at rides • Marshfield DoorSystems talking to buyers & contractors 16 © 2008, Gary F. Gebhardt, Ph.D. 6 Marketing Research Fieldwork/Depth Interviews Challenges: Expensive and time consuming • Both actual fieldwork and synthesizing results from multiple informants No statistical measures • You’re done when “the story makes sense” Interviewer must be adept...
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