Com analyzing coupon effects by market can provide

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Unformatted text preview: s, commercials, pricing, promotions, etc. 6 Marketing Research 37 Information Resources (IRI) Examples from Analyzing coupon effects by market can provide rich tactical insights. This example shows that using high value ($1.00) coupons in under-developed markets is not cost effective. Mix Drivers provides reliable lifts for promotion planning. This example shows that in-store sampling is most productive in the mass merchandiser, while special packs are most productive in a particular grocery retailer. 38 6 Marketing Research Nielsen Media Research 39 6 Marketing Research Real World Examples • Sizing the Transformer and Distribution Markets • Forecasting Cellular Antenna Growth • New Product Introduction 40 © 2008, Gary F. Gebhardt, Ph.D. 6 Marketing Research Transformer & Distribution Problem: Company needed to know the size of the T&D market by region and type so that they could manage their channels • Had no idea if reps were “good” or “bad” Approach: • Interview engineers • Use third party data to model • Test model with aggregate past data 41 6 Marketing Research Cellular Antennae Problem: How big will next year’s market be? Old Method: Ask carriers how much they would buy… • Wrong by 50-100% each year New Method: Model the market • Interview engineers, understand cellular infrastructure • Understand legal issues with new licenses • Test model with prior numbers • Error of 2% in first year 6 Marketing Research 42 New Product/Service Problem: New products, salesforce organization, target market and promotions • No experience in television advertising or large volumes of leads with different salesforce Method: • Chose representative test market – Milwaukee • Buy local commercial time • Monitor in-bound leads with TV commercials and strategic drops • Developed proof of concept to roll out 43 6 Marketing Research New Product/Service 44 © 2008, Gary F. Gebhardt, Ph.D. 6 Marketing Research For Next Week First Exam!! • Bring #2 Pencils and Erasers • Photo ID • No other materials!!! • Be on time!!! Monday-Wednesday Class w/Last Name: • A-L: Monday • M-Z: Wednesday Monday Night Class w/Last Name: • A-L: 6:20-7:35 • M-Z: 7:50-9:05 (Wait outside until 7:40!!) 45 © 2008, Gary F. Gebhardt, Ph.D....
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