Lab 10 - Bacterial Growth II

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Unformatted text preview: he depleTon of resource or the accumulaTon of waste, cells are now dying as fast as they are replicaTng. 4. Decline phase •  Cells are now dying at an exponenTal rate. 34 Lab 10. November 7- 9, 2012 The Bacterial Growth Curve •  Absorbance vs. Time or Concentra?on vs. Time •  The length of Tme required to double the concentraTon of bacteria during log growth phase is called the doubling Tme. 35 Lab 10. November 7- 9, 2012 36 The Bacterial Growth Curve •  A data table has been prepared of bacterial growth, recorded at OD600, at two different temperatures. •  Use this informaTon with the standard curve you have prepared in Experiment 19 to produce bacterial growth curves. •  This should be graphed with the y- axis on a logarithmic scale. •  Both growth curves should be placed on the same graph. •  Calculate the generaTon Tme for the E. coli at each temperature. 37 Lab 10. November 7- 9, 2012 Table 1: The change in concentraTon of colony forming units per mL of E. coli in two idenTcal sidearm flasks measured through absorbance of light at 600nm wavelength over Tme at incubaTon temperatures of 20°C or 37°C. ConcentraTon can be calculated using the standard curve for E. coli prepared in Experiment 19. Time...
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