Lab Report 3 guidelines

Forms of academic misconduct plagiarism includes

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Unformatted text preview: will be penalized within the section of the report in which the failure was made. If you have any questions about academic dishonesty or plagiarism, please ask me how to avoid these problems or how to reference works properly. Grading Title page Abstract Introduction Methods Results Discussion References Total /2 /8 /20 /10 /20 /20 — /80 BIOL2902L Lab Report 3 Guidelines for Fall 2012 4 Academic Regulations and Policies: It is your responsibility to be familiar with the information on Academic Regulations and Policies of the 2012- 13 Calendar which can be found on the University’s website: filesystem- action/pdfs/calendar/RegulationsandPolicies.pdf. This section covers classroom regulation, grading, transcripts, challenge for credit, academic standing, student discipline (academic and non- academic misconduct), appeals including grade appeals, University Policies and Codes,...
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