Lab Report 3 guidelines

If you choose to include material that you have

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Unformatted text preview: n. Were the results BIOL2902L Lab Report 3 Guidelines for Fall 2012 3 expected? What is the significance of the results? If some of your data do not agree with your conclusions, provide possible explanations for those results. Think critically about your conclusions; do they make sense and do they fit with current scientific literature? Include any critiques of the protocols used and suggest alternate approaches that would solve these problems. Provide a summary or conclusion at the end of your discussion. References Please properly reference any material cited, including the Lab Manual. Include in- text citations within the text of your work and have full references listed at the end of the document. If you choose to include material that you have previously presented in Lab Reports 1 or 2, please reference those documents with yourself as the author. Failure to properly reference material...
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