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Obstructing academic activities of another person for

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Unformatted text preview: graduation. Forms of Academic Misconduct: • Plagiarism: includes presenting other people’s published or unpublished work in part or as a whole as your own. This includes material from lab manuals, essays, journal articles, books, etc. Plagiarism also refers to submitting the same work in more than one course without both instructors’ permission and to the situation where two or more students submit identical (or nearly identical) work for evaluation when the work was to be completed individually (p 8- 9). • Cheating : includes copying another person’s answer on a test, communicating with another person during a test or exam, consulting unauthorized sources (including written and electronic sources), obtaining a copy (of all or part) of a test/exam/assignment before it is officially available, purchasing tests, essays or other assignments and submitting the work as your own (p 8). • Improper Academic/Research practices include: fabricating or falsifying results, using other peoples’ research findings without permission, misrepresenting research results or...
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