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REVISION KEY - -Many western cultures do not understand...

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REVISION KEY: AWKD: -Because Mr. Gmelch decides one year to study his students… ???: -As most of the anthropology culture is aware, … -Overall, I liked the articles that provided new information. -Things that Western civilization do not understand are considered treats. Careless: -Student’s of Mr. Gmelch… -That there lives would change forever. .. -Through out reading… -Why force these women to do it. -She wanted understand… -The show both masculine and feminine features. Tighten: -A woman from the African country called Togo, as she’s reading the play Hamlet… WW: -They both help explain that traditions and customs can overtake people’s lives… -There are many situations and rituals that other cultures undergo that are… -Eventually I hope that this tradition will grow out of existence.
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Unformatted text preview: -Many western cultures do not understand this concept so they discharge it. Embarrassing/Sloppy: -How to be a typical American is not the rite way…-Women in the Dagon society…-Ministration has taken such a negative connotation.-I feel this behavior of cutting a girls vagina in inhumane. English?: -I thought I was aware that homosexuality existed was and accepted around the world, but I didn’t know to what extent other cultures had for the back-story of homosexuals, I mean, berdache.-More important that gender are as simple as male and female, but other countries have different institutions. Grammar: -It is also said that berdaches actually become woman, and no one should be try and talk them out of it…...
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