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Capital Punishment Lecture Overview

Capital Punishment Lecture Overview - going to lecture...

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Michael Jost FS301 3HR Capital Punishment Lecture 10/10/07 Capital Punishment Lecture Overview On September 19, 2007 I went to a lecture that covered the issues on capital punishment. It Started at Six o’clock p.m., and it was held at the Erwin Center. The sponsor for this activity was Think About It, and they put on a very nice presentation. There were many in attendance, although all the seats were not full. This lecture went on for about two hours, and the speaker gave his views and facts involving capital punishment. The purpose of this activity was to inform the uninformed about the issue of capital punishment, and also to help the listeners make up their own minds on the subject. When I first arrived I walked down the stairs to take my seat. The lecture had already started since I had to walk so far to get to it. The speaker at first sounded like he was
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Unformatted text preview: going to lecture against the death penalty, but it turned out he was for it. He gave numbers and statistics of the deterrence of capital punishment, and he also gave us examples of cases that had happened around Austin. He closed up and then there was a discussion over the issue. This was very interesting to me, because I have studied capital punishment before. The set up was good except for the microphones, because he kept trying to talk without it. It was informative, and I learned a lot of new things about the death penalty that I did not know. The presentation was good and the speaker was affective, he just needed a little speech work. I would definitely attend this lecture again, because I feel no that I better understand some of the reasons for the death penalty, and how it is used....
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