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SECTION III - SECTION III People Jacob Riis"How the Other...

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SECTION III People Jacob Riis “How the Other Half Lives” o Photojournalistic study about the poor conditions of the slums in NYC. i.e. Immigrants sewing in attic and prayer in orphanage o Social commentary, or muckraking , that stirred public sentiment o Understood pictures were more powerful than words Theodore Roosevelt Coined the term “muckraking” Criticized excesses of investigative journalism Used term to attack magazine journalists who lacked the optimism he saw as beneficial to the country Wrote the article “American Woman as a Mother” in The Journal o Criticized lack of discipline in children o Men who aren’t good husbands/fathers o And women who “lost her sense of duty and is sunk in vapid self-indulgence” o Believed good morals at home lead to a moral and disciplined nation Sam McClure Began McClure’s Magazine in 1893 muckraking magazine in early 1900’s o Magazine is credited with initiating muckraking magazines Said he said no plan for muckraking but that he was publishing what he believed the people were interested in Differentiated between good and bad entrepreneurs/millionaires Ida Tarbell One of the senior writers for McClure’s magazine Wrote 18 part exposé on Standard Oil company o Optimistic about American democracy and hoped to encourage it by not letting big business and monopoly control the economics or politics of the country 1/3 McClure writers credited with helping bring about muckraking journalism Focused of capitalists conspiring to break law Lincoln Steffens Hired to work for McClures Magazine in 1902. He was originally working as the city editor of the New York Commercial Advertiser. Steffens teamed up with Tarbell and Baker and these three along with Samuel McClure deserve the credit for initiating muckraking. Focused on the disgrace of city governments dominated by boss rule Ray S. Baker (Not on study guide)
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Third influential writer for McClure’s with Steffens and Tarbell Focused on unions purposefully keeping nonunion men from working Frank Munsey Started Munsey’s magazine.
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