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Unformatted text preview: ­8.5 General government receipts minus central government outlays, as a percentage of GDP. Derived from Eurostat 137.4 Total debt (both local and foreign currency) owed by government to domestic residents, foreign nationals and multilateral institutions such as the IMF, expressed as a percentage of GDP. These data have been affected by the October 2006 revision to the national accounts Derived from Eurostat 4.7 Percentage change in consumer price index in local currency (period average, families of workers and office employees), over previous year. Derived from National Statistical Service of Greece 12.0 Recorded official unemployment as a percentage of total labour force. Commonly used definitions, Annex Table 21. OECD, Economic Outlook ­23.7 Exports of goods (fob) less imports of goods (fob). Break in the series from 1993. New series based on national accounts presentation obtained from IMF, Greece: Selected Issues. Derived from Bank of Greece statistics ­5.3 Current­account balance as a percentage of GDP. Derived from IMF, International Financial St...
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